623R Racer Electric Car

Multi-function & sound light effects
Switch controlled forward and backward movements
Foot accelerator
Available with remote control
With the speed of 2.7 km/h
Battery level indicator
Motor : 15 watt
Battery: 6 volt
Weight 10.87 kg
Dimensions: 8.7 x 58.6 x 109.5 cm

How To Use:

Charge the battery fully every time. It takes about 10 to 12 hours for it to fully charge.
On a full charge the playing time is about two hours if the toy is used continuously.
After every use we strongly recommend that you charge the battery.
Don’t use the toy when you find the speed of the toy getting slower, it means the battery is very low on charge. In this situation if the toy is used then the battery is likely to become dead.
For more details read instruction manual provided.


Sound and light effects
Forward and Backward movement
Foot accelerator

Remote control

Additional information

Weight 23.96 lbs
Dimensions 34.25 × 23.07 × 43.11 in