ZP5018A Electric Toy Car

Headlights and a backlight of goret, when the car moves on
Option of inclusion / switching headlights Off
Spoiler the sporting type underlining
Mirrors of back type
Imitation of a windshield
It is set in motion by means of a gas pedal

Characteristics :
Battery: two 6V 7Ah
Motor: two 30W ea
Maximum speed: 7 km/h
Time of continuous travel: Upto 90 min.
The time of full charge of batteries: 10-12 hr
Quantity of the Transmissions: one forward (7 km / h.), one back (3.5 km / hour.)
The load limit: 50kg

Size : D 130 x SH 80 x 58 cm
Dimensions of a box: D 126 x SH 67 x 41.5 cm
Weight: 24kg
Case weight: 27.5kg

Additional information

Weight 52.91 lbs
Dimensions 49.61 × 26.38 × 16.34 in