ZP5128A Child Electric ATV

Dimensions: length: 112cm, height: 74cm, width: 75cm
Drive 2x el. 45W motor, 12V / 7Ah battery
Number of packages in the package 1
Weight 18kg
Load capacity: 30kg

Big wheels, with sound effects,
Modern design, 4 speeds, both rear wheel drive

Description: The quad bike has a super design, high-quality materials and workmanship, after slow / fast travel and travel on the tank after the foot pedal has been depressed on the floor, forward and backwards, large and massive wheels have rubber stripes – these provide a quiet ride, both rear wheels, it is also suitable for off-road driving, control buttons have horn, sound effects and engine start,
quad bike does not require recharging and other maintenance,
driving on this fantastic machine will make your child everywhere the center of attention and interest.

Length: 112cm, height: 74cm, width: 75cm,
Wheel diameter: 36cm, width of wheels: 19cm, seat length: 45cm, width of chair: 18cm
Height of footstool: 22cm, seat from ground: 47cm, weight: 18kg
Load capacity : up to 30kg max. speed: 3-6km/hr
Drive : 2x el. motor 45W, battery 12V/7Ah
(CE-compliant, lead-free and harmful),
Charger: 220V to 12V / 1000mA, CE, EMC,
Battery charging time: 8 to 12 hours at full discharge,
Full service life: 1 to 2 hours,
Intended for: children from 3 years to 6 years, according to the manufacturer
CE certification

Additional information

Weight 52.91 lbs
Dimensions 39.76 × 26.38 × 20.88 in